Six Months In

So married life is pretty great. So great, apparently, that I haven’t had any time to update this blog? It’s the only excuse I have, but do know that I’ve been writing a lot in my head. Fat lot of good that will do this, though. Can blogs collect digital dust, like an unopened journal on a shelf?

(Side note: That sounds like a cringe-worthy opening line for a novel. Related side note: McSweeny’s has a fun post of famous opening lines for novels reworked for the modern age.)

But I’m back, or at least I’m going to make a more conscientious effort to be back. There’s a lot happening around the homestead (renovations! new fences! plans for the basement! piles of laundry that need to be put away!) that I want to share in future posts. But first, wedding photos!

I probably look at these at least once a week, and there are hundreds I could post, but instead I’m only going to share three of my favorites:


I love the way I’m looking at Parker in this photo. This was part of our first look, and we had written small notes in cards. If you look closely, you see that the one I gave Parker has a flame (lovingly) hugging a marshmallow. Not even one of the most best most serious moments of my life will stop me from getting a silly card. 


I’ve had this weird goal in life to one day be part of a photo that is good enough to be a stock photo in a frame sold in stores. THIS is that photo, and better than any damn stock photo I will ever see. Period.



As you can see, our love of dancing knows no bounds. A friend of ours taught us some choreography for our first dance, and from this moment on it was hard to keep us off the dance floor. 

Even though I keeping saying this, our wedding was the best wedding I’ve ever been to. It had everything: the love, the laughter, the food (well, for some people. We ran out. Oops!), the drinks, the dancing. There’s something to be said about getting married after seven years together: everyone there knew us and knew us well. The love I felt from everyone was palpable and, honesty, overwhelming at times. It was an amazing weekend, one that I went by far too fast.

Since September, life has been a whirlwind: traveling to see our families for the holidays (Thanksgiving in Georgia! Christmas in New York!), followed by a month of friends visiting nearly every weekend, then I went on my fifth trip to South Africa (crazy!), Parker traveled overseas for his work, and all the while talking about getting to work on the house and then finally doing something (new fence!) this month.

But even though it’s been busy I’m thankful. These past six months (Parker: “Six months?! We missed our six month anniversary!?”) have been filled with lots of laughter and love, as well as the crazy realization that I’m married and I get to call Parker “my husband.” However, I’ve decided that when anyone asks us how long we’ve been married I will be responding with “We’ve been together for xxx years”, taking into account the 7.5 we were together before the wedding. Because dammit, those days count! With our dating anniversary in May (eight years!) and our wedding anniversary in September, we’ll have plenty of time to continue our “X Things for X Years” tradition. I’m looking forward to seeing what our “Eight Things for Eight Years” adventure will be!

The weirdest part has been adjusting to my new last name (which wasn’t that bad of a process to do, to be honest) and working on my signature. Everywhere around the house there are pieces of paper with my name new name in various forms– print, cursive, whatever you call my combination of print and cursive (prinsive?)– that would make one think I was some seventh grader with an epic crush.

I’ll be posting more this week about various projects around the house, as well as the very memorable Christmas I had (complete with food poisoning, head lice epidemic and eating squirrel). .



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