A Memorable Summer, Indeed

I want to start wearing a t-shirt that says just the following, in order:

Oh, thank you!
Yes, we’re very excited.
Probably in the summer.
Most likely on the East Coast.

Being engaged is fun. Parker and I have already made the tinkering-man-cave-esque-room our Wedding HQ, complete with a large cork board and white marker board that we got from the college section in Target. And yes, I did think about the whole “look at all of us here in Target, starting new chapters of our lives!” It would have been the perfect setting for a musical number, staring Hugh Jackman and Amy Adams.

Here’s what we do know:

we know what specific drinks we want (two custom cocktails before the reception, then just beer and wine!)
a general idea of where we want (East Coast!)
a very rough guest list (yay for family and friends!)
and we’ve got the beginnings of a playlist that we want whatever dj/entertainment to play (most of which is wonderfully trashy pop songs that we listened to a lot when playing kickball!).

But a date? A venue? Those are things that we haven’t been working on with as much voracity. But now that I’m back into the routine of the school year I’m going to start carving out time to focus on those kinda-sorta-important items.

But aside from answering questions that the tshirt could answer, the story everyone wants to hear is The Proposal. I’ve said it so many times that writing it out is actually going to be a breeze, so here it goes!

We’d been traveling all summer and our last trip was out to upstate New York to spend a week with Parker’s family at a friend’s old lakehouse/cabin on Caroga Lake, a pretty sleepy town about an hour away from where he grew up. Most of his family was there (11 kids, all ten years old and under! and 9 adults) and the days were filled with boat riding, canoeing, swimming, face painting, fire building, riding bikes, and lots and lots of eating.



The goal of most days was to get the kids up and moving around (maybe so they would be tired later??) and, seeing as this was the second year the family had stayed here, they scheduled in the days activities a mile hike to the top of a little mountain that overlooked the lakes.

The hike was great: moderately challenging (in that the kids were constantly try to run ahead of everyone and arguing over who was “in charge”) and really beautiful (everything is so freaking green!).  When we get to the top there’s this tall fire tower observatory, but I just tell Parker that we’ll let everyone else go up first and we’ll explore in the meantime.







Once all the kids were down we head up and of course I hit my head at the top (Thinking back, I’m pretty sure everyone at the bottom was quiet and waiting so they probably heard my string of expletives. Oops!). After snapping a couple of photos I decide to take a picture of everyone on the ground.


See the corner of that banner there? The one that is obviously asking a question? Yeah, I didn’t notice it at all. I know what you’re going to ask. How did you not see that?! or Are you blind? Well, to be honest, I just see things selectively. I was so focused on getting a shot of the group and all I thought was Huh, that’s funny that Jeremy is taking a photo. I wonder why? and Man, everyone looks so happy! Look at those smiles. 

And it’s as I turn around to show Parker the photo that I see him taking out the ring from a little cloth pouch. And it’s as he’s getting down on one knee that I start wildly giggling. He asks, I say yes, we make out, and then I hear from below “If she doesn’t say yes this is going to be pretty awkward!” It’s around this time that Parker asks if I saw the banner. “Banner? What banner…?” So of course imagine my surprise when I actually see it for the first time.


I’ll never know how I missed that, but it was still a great surprise nonetheless. When we got back down his sisters showered us in Coors Light (like I said, it was a bit of a sleepy town) and we toasted with much better beer in hand. The kids were hysterical, saying things like “We had know idea!” (thank goodness) and “want a green wedding ring when I grow up!” It was memorable and wonderful.

It was definitely a great day and exactly what I wanted, without knowing it’s what I wanted in the first place (guess I’m going to marry the right guy then, huh?). We celebrated afterward with ice cream and card games. A very memorable summer, indeed. Now we’re looking forward to planning an even more memorable wedding!


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